Lovende woorden over H2OBoatCare in de media

ingevoerd op 29-1-2013

Lovende woorden over H2OBoatcare in de media!
BYM Product and Industry News;
......And what of other innovations at METS? Well there were plenty, even though we could not possibly see all of them across 11 halls during the three days available. But we have chosen one, (that was not entered for the DAME Awards), for our own X-MMI Group METS award 2012. This is the H20 Boat Care - xp1.
What does it do? Wait for it, because it all seems so simple!
It sends out high frequency vibrations from under your boat, and these influence microscopic bubbles that occur naturally in water. These bubbles implode (cavitation) and the energy that is released kills algae. But maybe more importantly, on a clean hull, the use of the xp1 will keep it that way without antifoulings!
The product has been researched developed and will now be marketed by Arthur Oskamp, a well known boat builder and entrepreneur in the Dutch yachting industry. Arthur and his partner, Jurgen Smit, a famous TV gardening program presenter in Holland, who caught the boating bug, have launched the xp1 under the company name: H20 BoatCare.
Jurgen pointed out to us that this is not an Ultra Sonic system, and works on a completely different physical principle. Whatever the nuts and bolts are, we think its going to keep them very busy indeed as the news spreads to the international yachting market.....

Written by Peter Franklin.